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Why I left the boards….

Monday, September 24th, 2007

I have been asked privately why it is that I have left the online boards (i.e., Martial Arts Planet, MartialTalk, and Budoseek) after so many years of participation.

It may sound strange, but I have always viewed my participation in the boards as “service” to the Bujinkan community. By and large, there are very few “informed” participants in the online boards. (Remember: rank has nothing to do with “being informed.”) After listening to people who do not know what they were talking about speaking as if they did, I decided to step in and try to best direct the conversation toward the teachings of Hatsumi-sensei.

From this perspective, even when I was “arguing” with someone about something on the boards, I generally was not directing my commentary toward the individual on the other side of the debate. Instead, I was speaking to a larger audience, many of whom are merely lurking, trying to gain an understanding of where to go next and what to do once they got there.

In short, I have always viewed myself as a “social commentator” of the Bujinkan, which also happens to be one of the largest and most eclectic martial arts organizations in the world. Much like wine critics, movie critics, financial analysts act as an “informed intermediary” between “the masses” and the object of interest (i.e., wine, movies, and firms), I reasoned that I could do a lot more “good” if I withdraw from arguing publicly about “which wine is better” and instead focus on merely providing guidance about “the wines that I feel are best.” People do not have to agree with my assessments, just as I do not have to agree with Roger Ebert’s movie reviews, but at least I know where Mr. Ebert stands on a topic.

As anyone who is online knows, staying involved with the boards takes a *TON* of time. If I had been drawing an hourly wage for all the time I put into my posts in the past, I would be a very wealthy man today. 🙂 LOL! In an online world, if one takes a few days away, then people can interpret it as anything. As an example, Dale Seago recently had a very intense work schedule that took him away from Martial Arts Planet for about two weeks. When his absence became conspicuous, the rumor-mongers started claiming that Dale had “run away from MAP” or “was avoiding the tough questions.”


The reality, of course, is that Dale wasn’t even around to see the questions; he wasn’t even sleeping due to work! Still, people who do not necessarily have a “right” to demand immediate answers demanded them anyways, and then started framing Dale’s non-response as something that it was not.

For me, the lack of time to be constantly monitoring conversations and engaging in them with alacrity is a key consideration in my departure. With my blog, I can post when I have time to post…and can address issues that I would like to address on my schedule…not on someone else’s.

A second consideration in my decision is that I honestly have grown bored with the repetition of the same conversations over and over and over again.

In particularly, the last two years online have been dominated by “religious arguments” concerning “traditional Bujinkan methods” and “hybrid methods incorporating so-called ‘alive’ training).” Frankly, I am completely uninterested in arguing about whose “religion” is better.

I honestly could care less whether some person (1) who I have never met, (2) who does not train my art, and (3) who has no interest in learning my art *THINKS* that his delivery system is “better” than the Bujinkan delivery system.


I have zero interest in convincing him that the Bujinkan delivery system is “better” than his system.

It is simply *NOT* a debate that I feel is fruitful.

If people train in Aikido, or Tai Chi Chuan, or Gracie Jiujutsu, or Silat….good for them! Go for it! I love *ALL* martial arts…though some more than others. 🙂

My job has never been to convince the skeptical audience start training in the Bujinkan.

The Bujinkan has more than enough people already.

A better use of my time is providing guidance to people who (1) already train in the system, and (2) honestly want to know how best to come to understand that system.

Thus, I have decided to use my blog as a vehicle for communicating advice and commentary…on my time.

I hope that clarifies!