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Daniel Weidman (a.k.a. DWeidman or Hissatsu on most of the boards) is a seriously skilled martial artist (on my list of “Hidden Gems of the Bujinkan”) and one heckuva nice guy. Dan is also a fantastically astute and thoroughly consistent debater. Though I have long left the internet boards, friends occasionally toss me snippets from these boards to spice up my day. This quote by Dan from a few months ago on Martial Arts Planet (MAP) certainly did. 🙂

To contextualize his commentary, Dan is addressing the fact that boards such as MAP are dominated by dingbats who have zero or little training in our art, yet seem overly preoccupied with frequenting the Bujinkan/Ninjutsu sections and complaining about the Bujinkan movement. As I discussed in my “Why I left the boards” post, this debate was incredibly tiresome and frustrating…and, as evidenced by Dan’s post, is still infecting the boards. Luckily, Dan is as good an antiseptic as there is. 🙂



Why is it so hard to understand the frustration of owning in an Italian restaurant and having half of the customers try to order Mexican food…

No matter how many times we say it — it NEVER seems to sink in.

We don’t serve Burritos or Tacos here. Ever. EVER. Ever.

I don’t care if you think that Tacos are the greatest food on earth. And most of us aren’t interested in a conversation with any of you about how much better tacos are. We are in the Italian restaurant for a reason…

We like Alfredo and Linguini. You like Tacos and Beer. It’s ok. Most of us who have been around for awhile have had Tacos and Beer as well — so when we show up at the Italian place — it isn’t by accident.

And if you are still in the Italian restaurant, screaming that the food here is trash because you can’t order a Taco, don’t consider it “avoiding the topic” when we shake our head and tell you to not let the door hit your ass on the way out…

Anyone who is surprised that the BJK class is different than the Muay Thai class is an idiot. Yes. An Idiot.

When you understand enough about Italian food to discuss it, let me know. Until then, enjoy your tacos and beer….SOMEWHERE ELSE. It is rude to bring another restaurant’s food in. Take a lesson in manners.


Here is a complementary post by an individual who goes by the username Arashima.

What Hissatsu and I are trying to say (and we will keep coming up with culinary and linguistic analogies until we are as blue in the face as smurfs) is that it seems impossible to talk ninjutsu/taijutsu with other people who practice ninjutsu/taijutsu without constantly facing demands by people from other arts to translate ours into the language of theirs in order that they may understand it, even though most of the time we don’t speak their language, only our own.

Nobody seems to make the effort to try to understand or appreciate our art in its own context, but you don’t find us doing the same in other sections. I am reminded of new work colleagues who never learn the job because they are always harping on about what they did elsewhere and how great they and their previous company were.

You have to let go of what you thought you knew and immerse yourself thoroughly in a new art and wipe clean any preconceptions before you walk through the door, which people seem to find extremely difficult on internet forums. As I said before, hardly anyone who is good at out art posts in youtube. If people have such a problem with a youtube clip, hello, but there is a facility on youtube to comment there. Don’t come and whine to us about it, because we didn’t post the crap, and cannot and should not neet to make excuses for those who do. And even when someone like Adam posts a decent clip of what is obviously kata training, he gets the usual rude and ignorant demands for his art to be translated to the lowest common denominator for armchair appraisal.

And having to constantly justify ourselves for existing because sparring and competing is not the primary focus and end product of our training gets very trying after a while.

Yes you are doing a good job of moderating (because nobody has left yet because of you) but if you as a Mod keep coming in with only the experience of Mexican and expecting us to provide you with a Mexican solution when we are only here in the Italian section to talk and eat Italian it just encourages more Mexican enthusiasts to keep coming and demanding Mexican food.

If this were being played out for real, and the local sheriff (you) and local Mexican fans eventually made it unbearable for Italian cuisine afficionados, the proprietor would have no option but to give up on the Italian food and just sell Mexican just to stay in business, and those who wanted Italian would just have to go *elsewhere*.

It appears that a particular *elsewhere* is under new management and awaiting its grand reopening, so you just have to ask yourself, do you still want the Italians to come and eat here or not? Especially when they have the Italian restaurant they wanted all along and which promises never to sell Mexican food.

And if you don’t care if people stay or go, then you are saying you don’t care about your members. No baby, no bathwater, just a change of diaper when one is full of something unpleasant.

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