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Understand?   Good.   Play!
A question that places the entire learning experience in the hands of the individual. This query directly challenges our ability to discern the real from the fake, the good from the bad, the budō from the sport, the truth from the lie, the gold from the glitter. The brilliance of this inquiry lies in its openendedness. Each person who hears it thinks of a different question a question that he himself is struggling with at the time.

Understand? Good. Play! has 17 main chapters divided by theme, entitled the likes of "On Training," "On Striking" and "On Heart." Interspersed throughout are several "call-outs" related to the main chapters. The book also has seven feature articles, which are independent diatribes by Hatsumi-sensei on such things as "Tasty Budō" and the "Benevolent Heart." In short, Understand? Good. Play! is a testament to Sōke's wisdom.

In addition to the complete content of the original printing, the second edition gives a "behind-the-scenes" look at the original U?G.P! project, including reflections by key individuals. The bonus material includes copies of Hatsumi-sensei's hand-edits to the original manuscript, a look at the design mock-ups used to guide the project, explanations of key photos in the book, and 10 new photographs.

What You Get:
  • The original 283 pages of wisdom from the first edition
  • An additional 24 pages of material to provide a "behind-the-scenes" look at the original project
  • The original 50 photographs of the first edition, plus 10 new photos and other artwork
  • Beautiful, stitched, hard cover book with full-color sleeve (for years of reading pleasure)